Pruning is an essential part of the landscaping process. Keeping your hedges in control creates an aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere.

Pruning Helps Your Plants Grow

Pruning is an important part of the landscaping process. It is a great way to maintain your beautiful plants, hedges, and lawns. When done correctly, it encourages your plants to grow and flower at a healthier rate. They look better after pruning and they will grow better. Knowing when and where to prune comes with a lot of professional skill and understanding of all these different types of plants. Let Landtech Landscaping take care of all these pruning jobs for you!

Know What You Plant Needs

Certain plants need pruning at different points throughout the year. Depending on the type of plant or flower it may need more regular maintenance. If a plant may be more prone to overgrowing, we can come in as often as you need us to. For decorative purposes we can add shapes to hedges and bushes while also giving it that healthy trim. Whether for homes or businesses, we will cut and maintain your plants and pushes, and help keep any forms or shapes to them all season long.

Pruning At The Right Time

Let us help direct your new plants growth, and help maintain it all year round. We will get rid of any dead or excess plants, branches and give your plants space for great and healthy growth. This will set up your plants for long term growth. Schedule us to come and prune your landscapes for you, whether residential or commercial. We will create and maintain an amazing space for you, and your pruned plants, edges, and more will thank you!

We Also Offer Lawn Mowing Services

We offer lawn mowing services and packages for more regular lawn upkeep.

How Can We Help You?

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