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Finally a break from the snow! We took the opportunity to head down to Ideal block in Waltham Mass to learn about new products available in the outdoor kitchen market. This seminar went over various installation techniques, general design and trends in the field. Outdoor kitchens are finally catching on in the Northeast region with people looking to expand their living space.

With spring right around the corner, what a great way to increase your outdoor living space. Turn an unused portion of your yard into a gathering spot, complete with all the tools you need to cook and entertain your guests. In addition, building an outdoor kitchen can come in at a significant savings over an addition or remodeling of existing indoor space.

From an outdoor grill and seating area to a full outdoor kitchen (kegerator included) this is a project you can expect to enjoy for years to come. As a bonus you could see a real return on investment when the time comes to sell your home without the hassle of indoor renovation. Not sure where to head next? Give us a call, we would love to hear your ideas and give you some direction!


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