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What’s a Permeable Paver?

Permeable Pavers are a great way for you to create useable hard surfaces without causing damaging water runoff. These pavers are specially designed to allow for a gap between each individual unit. This gap is what separates them from traditional paver solution. Despite common misconception, water does not travel through the paver itself, but rather the spaces between units, allowing the paver to be just as durable as any other. With proper installation water will drain through the gap, through the base material and naturally disperse into the ground.

Why does runoff matter?

When you create hard or impervious surfaces on your property, that built up water must go somewhere. The water will run along the hard surfaces collecting any sediment, waste, and pollutants with it until it reaches either a drain or a natural water source. With a permeable solution, we eliminate this problem by defusing the water throughout the surface. This prevents sediment and pollutants from gaining access to drains and waterways, allowing the natural water cycle to run its course.

Special Treatment?

Permeable pavers can allow homeowners and developers to create more useable hard surfaces on their property without running into potential code restrictions. Often, installation of an impervious surface near bodies of water is prohibited in an attempt to prevent runoff from entering the natural water source. With a permeable solution we can avoid this issue while still giving you a fantastic looking patio or walkway. Developers can benefit even more. By reducing the amount of traditional impervious surfaces, they may actually be able to build larger units onsite without the need for special approvals or rain gardens.

What about Maintenance?

Unlike porous concrete or asphalt, a permeable paver solution is relatively maintenance free. Occasionally, joints may have to be cleaned to prevent sand and sediment from clogging drain gaps, Compared to a concrete or asphalt solution which may need to be “vacuumed” on a routine basis. Because the paver itself is not porous, it is able to hold up to the abuse our driveways and walkways take, often much better than an asphalt or concrete solution. Over their lifecycle due to reduced maintenance costs, and increased longevity, a permeable paver solution could be a real money saver.

With limited effect on the natural water cycle, excellent durability and numerous styles to choose from, permeable pavers could be a great option for your next project.


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