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Do you have a child in the running for world’s youngest stuntman? Or how about one that thinks the E.R. has a frequent customer rewards program. Installing some playground mulch could help soften the blow when the inevitable fall occurs. Installation is easy and often lower than other options out there including sand, pea gravel, and rubber mulch.

What’s so special about Playground mulch?

It’s much more than just wood chips. Playground mulch is a specially ground natural product designed to offer fall protection to your children. Depending on the height of your play structure and the depth of the installation, Playground mulch can help prevent serious injuries from occurring. Its non-toxic and produced from virgin material meaning you won’t find any staples, screws or nails in the product. Not only is it a naturally attractive look but it helps to prevent weeds and bugs from making a home. A quick raking, or the occasional topping off is all that’s required to maintain a safe surface for your play structure.

Why do I need to add more?

With this mulch being a natural product, it will breakdown overtime. In addition, with the freeze thaw cycle and foot traffic the product will eventually become compacted, limiting its protective value. A quick top off and raking will keep your playground looking its best and more importantly safe.

How much do I need?

The depth of the installation truly depends on the “critical fall height” of your structure. Simply put this is the highest surface that a child could fall from. A general rule of thumb is that 9” of uncompressed playground mulch will offer protection up to 10’ high. Obviously every structure and application is different, and when it doubt we recommend erring on the side of caution. Want to learn more? Check out this great site detailing public playground safety. With little preparation you can easily transform your existing playground surface into one that’s both protective and attractive.


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